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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Last Week at the MTC

Katya sent this on Thursday August 6.  She left for Japan on Monday August 10.  Even though we were in Germany we were able to talk to her Monday when she was at the SLC airport.

Like I told you, flight plans changed, that was crazy! We were planning on leaving Tuesday, but then found out we're leaving Monday with a direct flight to Tokyo then on to Osaka - can't believe the time is actually coming!

Leave SLC - 11:33AM
Arrive Tokyo - 4:00 PM (Their time)
Leave Tokyo - 6:30 PM
Arrive Osaka - 7:50 PM

Saturday morning we have service in 4M, one of the classroom buildings and Fonua Shimai and I were dusting the ceiling. Yes, someone let me dust the ceiling again and NO, I didn't poke any holes in it! BUT GUESS WHAT?!?? I FOUND A BAT. why why why why why why why Me? I'm just doing my thing and suddenly see a little bat about 4 inches long just hanging out, sleeping at the top of the wall. Thankfully didn't yell - figured we should keep it as quiet as possible because of the freak-out last time in 17M (remember how I was evacuated from the greatest residence hall ever? Yeah.) Anyways, turned out to be not a big deal, they only found that one and I haven't heard any news since I reported it to the janitor/ supervisor guy. 

Sunday is always good and it was the best Fast Sunday ever! Even though my stomach was a loud as always, I really wasn't hungry and it was such a spiritual day! In the morning I read Pres Eyring's recent talk "Is This Not the Fast I Have Given You?", or something like that, anyways point is it was really good! Plus we had mission conference and what stuck out to me was Sis Burtosso who spoke about how sacred it is to say "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." I think I haven't really been thinking about how significant that is and how we shouldn't just rush through that.

District meeting was great  - talked about sacrament and how to improve our worship.  Then in Sacrament Meeting even though it was Fast Sunday we have musical numbers and I sang "Abide With Me; Tis Eventide" with Rees Shimai playing the piano - she is so good though she gets nervous and is pretty humble about it. To end the night we had my favorite time of the week, movie night! We watched Joseph Smith in Nihongo - without subtitles...uh oh. But dijobu! We know what's going on the whole time- it was the original version with the British girl on the steamboat/ boat with the big wheel-thing narrating, I like that version better! Really similar, I'm just particular I guess! Anyways, doesn't matter what language, the Spirit was still present, I still cried, that movie's just my favorite.

This week has flown, scary that we're leaving but good! I'll send pictures and more later this afternoon, we have to go right now- everyone seems to have a million things to do before we leave! I'm so excited to be there! I was especially getting excited reading missionary emails this week from Cassie and Catherine- thank you! Even if there are CREEPY houses and CRAZY food! 

Love, Wagstaff Shimai


On Tuesday rumor was for devo we'd have someone cool since it's August and the general authorities are off break. Rumor came true!! President Russell M Nelson and his wife came! This was his first official speaking assignment since being president of the 12. They broadcast the devo to every MTC worldwide! I had a great seat since I was singing in the choir...which was actually about 1/2 the MTC with 1100 people! There's about 2700 total right now.

He said lotsof good things, but honestly the greatest part was the feeling in that room. We were singing prelude hymns when he walked in, so we all stood but kept singing and the Spirit was instantly probably 10x stronger, so powerful! 
Big points 
- Trust in the Lord. That's what the armies of Helaman did, and we're compared to them so often, so that's what we need to do too!
- He talked about the lowering of the age from his perspective- it was amazing to hear how much thought went into this decision, they really care about all the details and were concerned, but because they knew it was the right thing to do, they just went ahead and made the change without putting every detail into place, such as the inflation at the MTC, in the mission field, how it would effect mission presidents, financially the families of missionaries, etc etc. The point was their step of faith and how the Lord takes care of the details because this is His work. 

So wonderful! So blessed! Love you all!

Here's my district minus 2 girls! The other 2 don't really hang out with us as much - they like to be with one of the other districts in our zone, so these are the people I've spent 24/7 with the last 2 months!
Jesperson and Welte Shimai (other redhead, and brunette on the right) are going to Fukuoka, so sad I won't see them until we get back, but they're both going to BYU so I'll get to see them eventually. We've decided that the saddest/ hardest part about leaving the MTC will be leaving each other! 

Just another temple pic! Feels like we're been at the MTC forever, but not...!

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