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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week 7...Want to Leave, Don't Want to Leave

Feel like I've been here forever and getting really sick of looking at the same walls all the time, BUT at the same time it hasn't been enough time and I love it here! What a dilemma.

Anyways, so last Friday, Happy Pioneer Day! We thought they'd do something here at the MTC...nothing. Except for our learning assessments (every week on the computer) we watched a cheesy video about Family History and it's role in missionary work. Lovely topic, boring video, but guess what? Little piece of home - Bob and Corene were in it! There was a picture of them smiling and helping someone with family history. Also have you guys seen RelativeFinder.org ?? My district has had fun with that this week, so it hooks up with FamilySearch and tells you what famous people you're related to...we're related to mostly famous Mormons, shocker there. But also a ton of other people! COUSINS WITH WALT DISNEY AND ELVIS PRESLEY. Okay so like all of us were, but still, it's the little things here! It also shows you how you're related to people you know, so we all found out how we're related within our district- lots of cousins! That was our fun for this week!

Also Sis Debi Hall sent cookies and a talk by Sherie Dew "Sweet Above All That is Sweet" - really good! (The cookies and the talk) 

I'd had a minor sore throat for a couple days, big surprise, woke up sick. Thankfully we have service and gym that morning, so I slept in a little and didn't have to miss any class. Also grateful for modern medicine (YAY Dayquil and Nyquil!). 

Fonua Shimai and I taught RS (we seem to teach Sundays more than anyone here! Maybe we shouldn't make our lessons so good...! Jk, teaching is nice, would love for it to be more distributed). Lesson was Repentance and we wanted to mix it up a little, so we focused just on Alma the Younger and what we could learn from him about repentance. There were 4 new sisters in the room that day (we have 2-3 different RS going on in our zone), pretty quiet, but thankfully everyone else from our district were good with commenting. 

Favorite part of the week (minus P-Day!), but close 2nd is Movie Night! We watched a new one- woohoo, variety! We went to an Elder Holland's talk, "Missions are Forever"- that room was packed! You'd think they'd recognize that Elder Holland's talks are popular and anything new will be busy. Anyways, we were lucky to get seats and it was a really powerful talk that really didn't have much to go with it's title, at least in my humble opinion! I really liked how he said obedience is stressed so much because this is the Lord's work and if we want to be successful, we need to do it HIS way. Also that if we were 100% obedient, they wouldn't have to talk about it so often...all of this in his very powerful, sort of yelling at you way, y'know what I mean? Really good and motivating. 

We've had fun with Nihongo this week - talked about passive form with one of our teachers and said everything in rap. It's a lot easier to remember the sentences when there's a beat! Also as part of our language study, we made Katakana BINGO for the district to play! That was pretty fun and helpful! I really love my district, we get along really well now, so we usually have to be away from each other if we're going to really focus and study. 

Had to learn a lesson the harder way as we had some not so great lessons this week- can't teach without the Spirit. Can't rely on ourselves. We got stuck on their questions and answering it ourselves. It gets a little frustrating sometimes that I feel a little alone in answering questions because my companion has a hard time understanding and speaking without her notes. But she's really good at preparing a lesson completely, where I don't like to have it written out, so we do compliment each other and are learning. 

Went to the temple early this morning and we like to get breakfast after at the temple cafeteria, not that MTC cafeteria is bad, the temple just happens to be a LOT better. Really loving the chance to go to the temple once a week here, since I probably will go maybe once in Japan.

Love you all so very very much! Love all the news and letters - loved Cassie's letter- especially the points about teaching simply! This hastening of the work is so exciting! Though I wish the food lines moved as fast as work :)

Love, Wagstaff Shimai

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