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Monday, September 5, 2016

Monday Sept. 5

Abeno is international!

This week we used mostly Japanese but also met with Chinese (Taiwan), Vietnamese, Brazilian, Phillapino, Peruvian, Spanish (Spain), potentially more! Seriously international and so grateful everyone speaks a bit of Japanese or English, so it works! Oh also family at Eikaiwa from Pakistan.

Last Monday, PDay ended and we did some contacting at Tennoji- huge. Interesting people, though mostly lots that he no time. Also contacted a referral from members, given the day before at dinner. Partially because of the rain I think the referral, a young mom was nicer (super worried about us) briefly shared that we share a message strengthening families and she didn't have much time but we can come back again! So it was raining all day but seriously it was getting really heavy, kept getting heavier- got back to the apartment safely, really though just took a bath outside basically, and we normally do daily planning at our desks, but we were dripping, so put towels on the floor of the bathroom and planned there...do what you gotta do!

Tuesday a part member family cancelled right as we were going out the door to go meet them. That was sad but then rescheduled for Sunday and more of them could be there! Met cute Taiwan recent convert- most of the lesson is in Chinese, with a little Japanese, feels like back to 1st transfer, but it's so fun- really though no matter what language you can feel the Spirit. Then wen too this giant park- Nagai Koen and talked to cool people there! Then Kodomo Eikaiwa- fun but lots of kids and takes so much energy.

Wednesday got up early and ran to Seminary. Wow, great class! Only 2 kids regularly come but they are so diligent! Then after that miraculously for us a new 7/11 opened up close to our apartment- mainly that's exciting because now we don't have to go 20 minutes away from the apartment to sync our iPads everyday! Plus since it was the opening day, everyone got free bread. At lunch went to a less active's ramen shop, she asked us to last week, and she was really happy to see us there. Later in the day went to a nursing home to visit a sweet old member- there's a special spirit there and I love these cute old grandmas. In the evening we were pretty far from the apartment, and turns out there are some sketchy places in Japan when it's dark BUT totally fine, missionaries are protected!

Thursday lesson with Kiyoshi- cute grandpa who owns a giant fruit stand and is working hard on English and reads the BOM, really understands well. Today was really great because we found out he has pretty real intent and is ready to progress more than we thought! Completely believe that comes from reading the BOM- there is great
power. Coming to church is still hard because of his shop, but praying that he'll understand and be ready to make that sacrifice. Evening went with Chin Shimai to a free community Japanese class and she is crazy dendo Fire! Was all ready to have one of the teachers help her with church materials in Japanese and basically taught him about our church and how happy it makes her. Also a kid from Taiwan came and said he had seen missionaries everywhere in Taiwan, talked to them a little bit but too busy...hoping now he'll have a better chance!

Friday  District Meeting about following up and felt the Spirit strongly, really excited to be better at helping I's make, keep commitments. After DM, started a koukan with Hirakata sisters and I got to work with Omisaki Shimai! She is AMAZING- convert who then converted her family, some friends and is such a great example- because they had some import at appointments, we worked in Hirakata instead of all 4 in Abeno. Met a recent convert, 16 yrs old from Spain but speaks Japanese, English, Portuguese fluently, way cool. Basically hearing her testify was seriously like I think it would be like to hear Alma the Younger, in a way because her life has changed and she
is so happy and strong right now- seriously one of the most amazing,heartfelt testimonies I've ever heard- she spoke, we cried, agreed,and really seemed like she taught us a lesson ❤️.

Saturday back to Abeno and had Stake Conference and a new self-referral from Taiwan (like I said, international!) came!! She is very very interested becuase she met with sisters in Taiwan a long time ago and is more prepared now.

Sunday Stake Conference and Welch Kaicho, Shimai came! Wish I had time to tell you how amazing each talk was. Then evening with Morales family from Peru- really good food, then simply taught the Restoration
and they really liked it- a granddaughter and daughter in law are currently investigators and want to get baptized, just very busy still a little hesitant, but moving forward.

Miracles are happening and truly getting lost in the work is the way to be happy. It is such a joy to share the gospel, to invite people to come unto Christ and see lives change. Love you all!

Sister Wagstaff

Cute RC in Hirakata! Plus Omisaki Shimai

Visited investigator in the hospital today and miraculously she'll be out soon and probably getting baptized on the 18th!!

Had to take the picture, went to Namba today

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