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Monday, September 26, 2016

Mon. Sept. 26 Sick...but the work moves on!

Wow k this week I'm going to work backwards because it's been so crazy, I'll probably miss a bunch of details. Mainly last week I got sick but was in denial and kept going and that caught up to me this week!  
Today we are doing a slow P-day and then during morning study we got a call from Shuu (Taiwanese investigator, you'll hear a lot about her!) she wanted Seishi Shimai's phone number because she wanted to go visit Seishi Shimai, then later said I know it's your p-day, but do you guys want to come too? Yeah! So we went over for lunch, ps she made homemade tofu! New experience! Then watched the Restoration video together, testified, committed and left- Shuu is still talking with Seishi Shimai! Amazing. We were worried that she didn't have real intent, just seeking knowledge, but after the video she said she really wants to know if this is true, wants a confirmation in her heart and that she's been praying every day for that. So obviously we know she'll receive an answer! That was really exciting.

Sunday...oh boy, what a day. In the morning a recent convert's mom called us and said her daughter was coming to church today (daughter is about 10 and hasn't been coming lately) so we went to pick her up and walked her to the Eki...it took a while, she wasn't sure if she really wanted to go, anyways got to the church by 10:30 (Sacrament Meeting starts at 10) and our patience was being tried a lot but at the end of the meeting we were able to go up and have the sacrament- very grateful! Then some confusion with her primary teachers, I think everything got sorted out! There were quite a few tourists visiting, and one girl stayed for the rest of church s we went and translated for her, lots of fun! After church udon party, then we went off to a BOM Blitz activity- it's where we split with members and had about an hour to talk to lots of people and focus on giving the BOM. We had a great member come with us who's going on a mission soon and is pretty quiet but had a KILLER testimony, way impressed! Honestly a pure simple testimony is powerful, people do stop and listen. Able to give away 3 BOMs to different people with a few other lessons! 

Saturday for lunch a member took us and the elders out. First we stopped by a LA's bread shop, then for lunch went to a member's Chinese restaurant. According to Shima Kyoudai (member who took us, "it's better than Panda Express!" Haha- Japanese style Chinese food and American style Chinese food are very different, but still good! Also I was on a koukan, not with Zhou Shimai, so still don't know how it compares to real Chinese food. Then later had LA lesson, talked to people along the way and ended with weekly planning. 

Friday- District Meeting in Sekime! We started a koukan (exchange) with Higashi Osaka sisters. I was with Oswald Shimai and we had a great day- full purpose! Got some members, LA's, then miracle guy that stopped us and asked if we were "Morumon?" Well yeah, then he said he's met missionaries before, thinks they are really cool  and now wanted to know- what makes us different, what do we believe/ why are you so happy? Profound question - invited him to church to come and see for himself! Then had a investigator lesson with guy from the fruit stand and it went really well and he said yes he'll be baptized, but still worried about Sunday- can't/won't close his shop to come to church...we'll keep working with him. 

Thursday- in the morning we went out a ways to visit a member that lives pretty far away. She lives alone and was super grateful, kept saying thank you, and cute little gifts at the end (kind of normal actually). Anyways, we didn't know it before but it was obvious that God wanted us to be there and she needed someone to talk with, sing hymns with, etc. God is watching out for each one of his children, and usually uses us to take care of each other. 

Wednesday- Shuu San and Seishi Shimai again! Shuu arranged this appointment herself, asked us to being Seishi Shimai with! I can't explain how much fun it was to go with Seishi Shimai. She is 84 yrs old, has been a Ward missionary for over 20 years and LOVES missionary work. She got all dressed up and came with us by subway to visit Shuu and was sooo helpful. Shuu San knows the Bible really well (first time with this kind of investigator) and she was confused about various things as we talked about the Plan of Salvation but again, testimony brings the Spirit in so sweetly and that's when you feel that this is true. Went back and Seishi Shimai said that was one of the funniest days she's had in a while- I want everyone to meet her! She is truly just genuinely happy all of the time and really tiny and has a high pitched voice and can't hear very well and is a living testimony that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and truly blesses our lives. 

Tuesday- Typhoon warning day, also koukan with Hirakata, also I was sick (okay so I've been sick all week, still kind of sick but doing okay) and this was the worst day and it was a crazy storm anyways, so stayed inside- studied and slept. Makin Shimai was so sweet helping me and just keeping herself busy. 

Last Monday- cooking class with Seishi Shimai, first time she and Shuu San met (obviously went really well since we've seen them every few days since then!). Dinner at another member's house, Fillipino and the food was so good! 

This is God's work and nothing gets in the way. I am surrounded by miracles, marvelous people and am feeling the urgency that time is running out and there is just so much to do! There is nothing else I'd rather be doing with my time than preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are great rewards in store and we each have a part to play! What are you going to do?? 

Love you lots! 愛しています皆さん❤

Wagstaff 姉妹

So happy to hear the binder was found!! Now that's a lot less stressful.

This has been an exciting week...I've been a little sick since Zone Conference (mostly just my normal sore throat, then turned into a bad cold, now just down to a little coughing and runny nose) Last Monday night we got a call from sisters in tears- we have a pair that aren't getting along very well, so they needed an emergency exchange (this was when I was at my worst with a cold) so sorry for her, miraculously there was a typhoon so we couldn't have gone out anyways- way too dangerous, these storms get scary. Anyways, so stayed inside, listened to her problems, and slept. A little dramatic but they're learning, slowly. 

Then Friday and Saturday another pair of sisters are dramatic- not as bad as the others! Welch Kaicho still got called, but this is just normal one missionary works hard and the other really doesn't. They are improving!

Sunday...in the morning, love her but girl that got baptized is pretty moody (10 yrs old) and she dragged her feet all the way to church (talking to her earlier in the week, she had WANTED to come...) so tried to show lots of love but also get her to walk a little faster, didn't work too well. Got to the train station (church starting in 10 minutes) and she said she wanted to go home! So we had her call and talk to her mom (her mom is investigator with a broken arm who wasn't able to get baptized because she had surgery again, but is still so amazing). Anyways, so daughter agreed to go to church, got there very late, they brought us the Sacrament privately after, very grateful.
Then RC girl said she wants to go home and went up to a member she knew (we didn't see this happen) but asked for a ride home, member comes to us, then primary was involved- nobody can take her home, then
there's this one primary teacher....wow. I don't know why but she just hates us (missionaries). She's just really scary and basically said it was our fault and we had to take the girl home because it was our fault she came to church (at this point worried about girl feeling loved!), other members didn't really know what to say. Zhou Shimai
just started crying- it doesn't feel good to be kind of yelled at by a member. Then we had to go translate for the YW that came from America. Came back after Sunday School to check on our primary girl, also we were asked by the Primary Music Leader to come in because this month the songs are all missionary- theme. So we go into primary and scary primary teacher gets mad at us again, makes us leave (the Primary president at first was very happy we came, got chairs for us, then teacher got mad and she just awkwardly didn't know what to do). Then after apologized to the poor music teacher that we couldn't help her...we were shoo'd away to YW's. Very awkward. Didn't feel good. Thankfully after we were able to talk to our Ward Mission Leader and he said she got mad at other people, like him too, not just missionaries and it wasn't our fault at all, etc. He made us feel a lot better.

Today after the lunch and lesson with Shuu, we split with sisters with comp problems because one is sick like me and the other really doesn't want to stay inside. So Omisaki Shimai and I are finishing up and going to take a nap (very necessary!). Actually pretty excited, I was never a nap on P-day person before. Anyways, super grateful for Zhou Shimai who's sacrificing and taking to other sister out for some fun (she kind of wanted a nap too but would rather have the sisters be happy...becuase if not they call us constantly.)

It's been a dramatic week :) Sometimes we just have to return to our apartment and laugh about it.
Love you guys so much! Also I made hummus this week and it was really good- all the sisters liked it too- we had it with toast and cucumbers. Yummy!


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