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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Monday June 20, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Going backwards this week! Seriously remembering things is getting harder. :) It's all good, that's why we write in a journal kids!

Sunday- Stake Conference in...SAKAI! So happy to see members here again- okay so I was only there for 1 transfer so only a few people remember me, but I was still really happy! We had a video broadcast from Elder Bednar. He talked about faith in Jesus Christ, sacrifice and consecration. I want to keep trying to concentrate myself and become my best self to give to God. Yeah, time is short (still not feeling it at all) but I guess it still is what it is! Then after it rained, went out and had lunch at a member's. Besides Japanese, she really is a lot like Grandma Wagstaff! Then we went back to the Eki (train station) and there were all these college students...that's like missionary jackpot- we thought we were out in the country part of he area, but there's a college over there and turns out TONS of young people live there and we just never looked at the other side of the Eki!

Saturday was hot. So freaking hot. Okay so it's always hot and I should eventually be adjusting, right? :) We handed out Eikaiwa fliers at a bigger Eki and this lady comes running back and asks about details and now we have a new investigator!! Then in the evening the RS had this insurance activity that we were definitely not going to, but then a member said she was bringing some friends, and we're not turning down referrals! Then they didn't show up...so we left, but then met another member in the parking lot and she thought it was sad they didn't show, so she immediately called a friend to come! They couldn't come BUT it was so sweet to see her immediately act!

Friday- in the morning we had District Meeting in Hashimoto and I can't explain it but the Spirit was strong and I really felt my stress taken away- doing our best with what I know how to do! Then in the evening we went to seminary for Miyu Chan- I love that because she's busy, but still wants to stay active, they have a special seminary 1/week at night for her. This week a story that's stuck out to me is Jesus Christ, the Good shepherd going out for 1 sheep.

Thursday it rained but we were lucky to have a bit of inside time- had an appt with a member and an investigator who brought a friend, met for lesson and lunch. Found out they are basically missionaries for their church and tried to get us to their church a little...that was really sad. We've lost a lot of investigators lately and every single one hurts and we thought she really had interest. But we know for sure she felt the Spirit last week and acknowledged it- this week claimed that she didn't really...BUT we ended with lunch and were able to calm down a little and end on a good note, I think. Then we made cookies at the church and planned, then delivered!

Wednesday we went to free Japanese class, learned lots of normal people vocab! A less active that we've been working with has been slipping again, but committed again this week to come to church (sadly she was sick and didn't come...a work in progress!). Then we had an English lesson with a kind of investigator...still not fully ready to learn BUT we watched Nakamura Shimai's I'm a Mormon video and it was really good for her and she had some questions about the church! Then later went finding and met a hula dance teacher who seems to be prepared- excited to go back and meet her. It's so much fun to meet so many interesting people everyday. 

Tuesday we exchanged with the Sakai sisters and I was back with Salisbury Shimai!! We had lunch with a member at this DELICIOUS French restaurant, then cake from the cake shop where she works- plus she has 4 people at work she wants to share the gospel with, very exciting! Then we tried to be more creative in finding investigators...

Lots of fun! 

Monday was in Kyoto and randomly ran into an American member on vacation there- she served her mission here years ago! That was a nice little miracle. Then FHE and dinner with the Kosugi's with other members invited- it's so nice to be surrounded by so many loving people. 

Speaking of which...happy Father's Day! I'm surrounded by great influences all around. God is so good to us. So so so good. 

Love you all!
Wagstaff 姉妹

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