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Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday May 9--Happy Mother's Day

The deer was half blind and a little scary, but cool stuff! 
Love you guys lots- weird that it was just normal talking today...I guess it just means I'll be home faster than I think.

Cool week, really cool week!  Skyped this morning, that was fun, now riding a train to Nara- going to this famous deer park and all I want is for a deer to bow to me, that's all I ask!

Last Monday as we finished at the church and went off to go dendo, we're getting our bikes ready and this lady walking by stops and talks to US. Like, let me tell how often that happens....it doesn't! She works at an Indo curry place, definitely visiting!

Tuesday MLC in Kobe- Sister Welch's Dad came, he was really sweet and bore a really humble simple but really powerful testimony. Also a miracle was we got back in time for Eikaiwa, normally we're a little late and this week the elders were sick so that was definitely a

Wednesday less active lesson and it was ぎりぎり(giri giri: really close "that was a close one!") but she's going to the temple this week! Also special moment- felt like it would be a good idea to go visit a grandma who comes to Eikaiwa every week, we just wanted to see what her reaction to a church message would be, why not? Way cool- talk about family a bit, she's really nice and open, invited her to church Sunday and she said she's been wanting to come! Miracles people, listen to the Spirit!

Thursday we taught some solid lessons but got kekko'd (rejected) but felt like we really did our part in teaching clearly, inviting them, and then they have their agency. Did a little housing and met this guy from Africa who in the space of a really short 5 minute contact says he loves Jesus Christ, he's thankful for him everyday and where's our
church? He wants to come. DANG- kinjin (golden).

Friday went to Wakayama for ZTM- just overall really good because we felt the Spirit strongly, learned about the Atonement. Also ate lunch at a really good buffet place- so full! Then super good lesson in the evening with family friends of a Phillipino member- they really did pray as a family like we asked, and the mom and daughter are coming to church Sunday !

Saturday we had a clean up at the church and lots of members came, found out that to help us get a baptism by the 22nd, they have been praying for our investigators. Later perfect timing with some less active's - home when we visited without appointments. In the afternoon/evening we took the train down to probably the most city
part of the area and got some pretty good lessons plus one good potential investigator- I saw her like 3 different times and wanted to talk to her and finally got to talk to her on train, definite good potential and coming to Eikaiwa this week!

Sunday... 4 INVESTIGATORS CAME TO CHURCH!! Seriously just miracles throughout the week, but the best part was that they actually did come! (Preface this with 1 other person on my whole mission has ever come)
Later lesson with Phillipino and she opened up a lot- hallelujah!

Sorry, short and sweet, but love you lots! Reading about the atonement and amazed at His love and I experience it everyday in different ways.

Please look out for how you are blessed daily!


English interest investigator (look how fancy?!)

Funny thing is the owner's really less-active, but cool name, right, plus super helpful when I have bike probs

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