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Friday, May 27, 2016

Monday May 16, 2016

Monday- helped a grandma carry her groceries and now have a new potential investigator!

Tuesday- Koukan (exchange) with Nakayama Shimai and we had first official lesson with a grandma from Eikaiwa who came to church! We think she's been prepared really well (has a Chrisian background, used to go to another church years ago!) and she opened up a LOT, sadly in grandma Japanese to our member (another Japanese grandma) and Nihonjin comp...so I didn't understand all of it...most of it...and wouldn't commit to baptism, but still progressing!

Also nice reminder that God loves us and knows us individually- we went streeting around a bigger Eki and it wasn't going so great, so I asked Nakayama Shimai what she likes to do to feel better/get pumped again - visit members. Sadly there were are no members close to that Eki that we know of, so that wasn't an option, so we just kept going. Like 5 minutes later we passed a book store and saw a YSA from the ward!! Said hi and got to talk/teach her for 5-10 minutes and then we were ready to keep going strong! 

Wednesday- on the way to a less-active's house we stopped and talked to a grandma sitting on a bench and turns out she had met missionaries before about a year ago and wants to learn English, plus willing to listen to a church message, not interested, but willing, and that's something! 

Thursday- taught an eternal investigator who brought up her usual concerns, BUT somehow in the same lesson also wants to really try reading the BOM again and therefore starting to progress! Later had a less-active lesson- her last one before GOING TO THE TEMPLE SATURDAY. We've met her consistently every week since I've been here and let me tell you, just from her alone I've learned that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ people really can change. Skip ahead- Sunday at Ward Council everyone talked about her- surprised that she's active but now making plans to convert her family! Back to Thursday, visited a member for her birthday and her gift is making everyone feel really good about themselves, this while we were trying to show love to her for her birthday. 

Friday- great district meeting, seriously a fun district. 
I'm a horse. 

Then actually met a less active who we've tried to visit probably at least once a week...a person does live behind the door and she can come back!! Had a lesson with a fantastic family who came to church last week and explained church, mainly the Sacrament. Even though it was really simple, it was a really special experience to help them slowly understand what Jesus Christ has done for us, the significant role He plays in our lives. 
Later cancelled plans, but obviously that just means we're following God's plan and met 2 cool kokosei (high schoolers). 

Saturday was HOT with lots of lessons, a contacted referral, successful visited a less active and gave away a BOM to a guy who at first wasn't interested, then randomly ran into one of our investigators! Good day. 

Sunday we received a referral from an investigator, funny thing was she didn't know her very well and we didn't know her, but actually apparently the elders taught this woman a little bit years ago, so that was cool! Also recognized one of our former investigators at a street corner and talked to her a bit...once again an investigator, hopefully! 

Also I don't remember when, but another experience to show that this is God's and He's the director of this show: we found a former investigator in our area book that we really wanted to go after, but didn't have a lot of info except that she worked at the Internet cafe missionaries went to before iPads. So we asked a member weeks ago where that was- he pointed it our on Google maps, but wasn't 100% sure. We figured why not? And went after it...ended up at a Home Depot kind of place with no Internet cafes in sight. Later had a follow up call with our district leader and told him about it- he was here when they didn't have iPads and knew a big company missionaries usually went to- found out it's super close to the church! (Made a lot more sense than the fictional Home Depot place that was a 45 minute ride; still grateful for member's willingness to help!). Went to this place and found out she was still working there they thought, but wasn't there that day. Then the next day we handed out fliers for an upcoming sushi activity at the church to a neighborhood by the church...one of the houses had her name on it! Also it's a pretty rare name, so seemed like a good shot, but no one home. Went back the next day and the mom was  home! She remembered the sister missionaries, talked about how her daughter loves English, but actually just left for an extended trip to New Zealand and Australia for 2ish years...and she left 2 days ago. No! We were so close to finding her before she left, and couldn't have taught her but maybe had got her in contact with missionaries in NZ/Australia. BUT, is God the director? Yes, so he gave us our directions, our miracles, and obviously has more in store than we know. So long story short, no new investigator, but found a much bigger plan in store. 

God has a plan for each one of us. Have you prayed about it lately? Have you followed all of the promptings, the directions he has given you? Have you noticed the miracles laid right in front of you? Please look out for them! Follow Him, it's really rewarding.

Also sorry, funny:Sorry pioneers, no handcarts on this Japanese road! 

Love you!
Wagstaff 姉妹

Nothig huge, don't even know why but emails made me cry this week, I was really happy to read them. Also fun Japanese!
Figures that I sound different...I live in Japan and for the last few months even the English is different (Tahitian and Australian!). Whatever, plenty of time to transition back. I love it here! There's just so much that I love here!

Interesting thing lately- I'm trying to study and focus on HOPE this transfer, and of course you know about the baptism challenge, which is coming up this week. In a way, I think I've been given challenges that are hard to keep hope up in order to strengthen me to have stronger hope when it's looking hopeless. Also something that hit home this week- my hope should be in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, not in imperfect investigators/ other imperfect people including myself.

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