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Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Dec. 21

Transfer to Sakai!

Last Monday was transfer announcements and found out I was becoming a 2nd transfer trainer! Scary. Then after we went with the Watabe's to the Aoba's Christmas Party. They live in this little valley and it's probably the most perfect place- can't describe, just really pretty. We were there with the Niihama missionaries and a coulee friends the Aoba's invited including one that's interested in the church! We had lunch, then a musical program (they asked all of us to prepare something), then the Aoba's put on this shadow puppet-show kind of thing. They are potters, so really artistic and Aoba Shimai is really good at voices and storytelling. It was some traditional Japanese
story and really cute!

Aoba Shimai is in the brown wearing glasses next to me, Aoba Choro's standing in the back. So they were asking us about transfers and I found out that Aoba Choro was coming to Sakai Ward the next Sunday!

Anyways, so then we went back and the Murakami's (RS Pres and Mission leader) took us out to dinner at this really fancy place and there was SO MUCH FOOD. 

Watabe's were there too, just not in the picture. So fancy!

Tuesday we did goodbye visits and it was rainy. It's hard to leave, I didn't realize how hard it would be to leave! Ended the night with dinner plus Eguchi Kyodai (Recent convert!)'s lesson at the Watabe's. SO SAD to leave! 

Wednesday we did a lot of finish packing, cleaning and a member was so nice to take us to the station! Then a 5 hour bus ride to Kobe...it was weird getting to Kobe becuase it's a big city! So different! Wasn't feeling super great, probably getting sick. Slept over with Kobe sisters. 

Woke up Thursday definitely sick! Thankfully medicine in the apartment. Not a fun day to be sick. We went to the station and I had to leave Fujiki Shimai.

I loved being with her, we had so much fun!! Thankfully I'll see her around eventually! Fun thing about transfers is seeing other missionaries especially from my MTC district. In the afternoon met up with new companion, Salisbury Shimai (small world,she's from Mapleton) and went back to Sakai.  Turns out it's not super city, just right outside. Though I haven't seen too much yet. Still not feeling great, but God is good and powered through! We had dinner with a LA, and a few English investigator's (more interested in English than gospel, but cute girls!). They had a little Christmas party which was fun!
Then went to the church to help set up for the Christmas party. They have a real, probably full-sized church building, that was weird! Fun to meet people so soon! 

Friday, our district planned to do Christmas Dendo at an Eki- somehow we all just mixed up at different places and then didn't have time so we went back to the church to help set up again for the party on Saturday. We made Christmas jello! 

Saturday, Christmas party! This was a big, super planned thing! We also made Rice Krispie treats- one batch went horribly wrong. Don't know what happened, but some turned out! 
Here are the Rice Krispies we made that were really proud of!

Party was really good- members brought friends, upstairs they showed Bible clips and explained a little about real meaning of Christmas and we got to testify. Food was great and we sat on the floor.

At first we wondered what those circle things were, and then we realized we're in Japan and those are tables...

Sunday, again weird in a big Ward- about 120 people come. Sacrament Meeting was powerful- Aoba Choro spoke! Cool thing was that I could understand a lot of what people said. Also we sang with the YW and there was a girl coming home from her mission in Hawaii. 

Then we taught YW's (found out the day before, but to be fair we almost asked for it because we asked to come in and share a short message, so they just asked us to give the lesson). The theme was inviting others to come unto Christ and we gave them this year's Christmas video cards to share with a friend or somebody.
Taught an LA in the afternoon and heard that she had strong Osaka Ben and we were a little worried and it turned out pretty well- I understood most of what she said. Honestly God really does love everyone and wants us to help them and that means we need to understand them. 

So far so good in a new place and having fun with Salisbury Shimai, we laugh a lot and have big goals. We want to see a baptism this transfer! Not sure who, but that's what we're working towards. 

Merry Christmas! If you haven't go watch World Without a Savior video. We do have a Savior, and get to rely on Him. I NEED His strength, we all need His strength. I love you all, but obviously He loves you more than I understand!

Love, Wagstaff Shimai

I was sick,and I think it was food, because I was stomach sick. Yay for Pepto Bismal!

It's really different switching from Fujiki Shimai to Salisbury Shimai. I didn't realize how much I learned from her until I realizedas I was talking to members that it's not that hard anymore. So far I haven't run into Osaka -Ben.
We're doing pretty good, her language definitely isn't great, but it'll improve! She didn't get along very well with her last companion, that's sad. I'm realizing how selfless and patient Fujiki Shimai was because not everybody's like that.

I think the thing about "training" that scares me the most is correcting. I don't want to hurt her at all, but we have to be obedient...not sure why it scares me so bad. Not a huge problem, just sometimes...Being in Japan really makes being away for Christmas a lot easier because it's not a big thing. I can tell Salisbury Shimai gets pretty homesick, trying to help with that. In some ways it's nice that I get to serve more!

Also random: in Imabari earlier this week we rode by the library mom! it looked newer/nicer with statues/garden area outside. I was impressed, since it's a little city.

Love, Katya

See you this week!!!

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