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Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Dec. 14

Not very much time because we're going to a Christmas party at the Aoba's today!! Also we just got transfer announcements and we're both transferring! Didn't expect that. So I'm going to Sakai (Osaka) and here's the scary part...IM A TRAINER. WHAT. But Fujiki Shimai and I will be in the same zone- YAYYY!!!

K so this last week- Tuesday SGG had their end of year party. I finally asked what SGG stood for, and the first word was System, and I don't remember the rest- it didn't make sense. I sang and they're always nicer, more
responsive when I sing..hmm. We had our regular lesson with Eguchi Kyodai and it was officially his last AB (after baptism) lesson. He's amazing- actually Sunday he was made 2nd counselor in the branch presidency!! Also the Watabe's took us with them to their investigator's lesson. He's 8 yrs old, Kai-kun and his mom was really less-active and they were a miracle find and he's getting baptized next Sunday! We went to practice "I Am a Child of God" to sing with him on Sunday (but then he got sick so we didn't).

Wednesday- not our best day...actually It started off really good- it was Watabe Choro's birthday so we surprised him in the morning at the church by playing ping pong (his favorite) and Fujiki Shimai made the cutest cookies! Then we met a less active and investigator we haven't seen for a long time. But then we didn't find anybody else we were looking for that day, did some housing. Honestly housing is just hard sometimes.

BUT Thursday was pretty good! We started with Yano San from the cakeshop in the morning and taught about Christmas, and actually I taught most of the lesson. Then in the evening it was raining, but we still went out- delivered notes to the Watanabe's (other cake shop that's too busy to meet but lots of potential!) then met LA Takebo Shimai who I just love a lot! (She was our really good lots of Spirit, Gift of Tongues lesson a couple weeks ago).

Friday District Meeting. Lots of change- basically our whole district just needed to step it up, but we're excited to be better, especially in teaching more lessons.

Saturday was SO MUCH FUN! We helped the YW in the morning with their fundraiser. We made Christmas cards that they are selling at the Christmas party. Also Yamamoto Shimai (YW leader brought us the skirts
she made us!) After we had a little time and taught a lesson on the street! That hasn't happened in a long time- we've talked to people, but not official lessons. Then we met an investigator from Niihama who just moved here- we've heard really good things about them! Then we went to Niihama for their branch Christmas party (they asked us to sing). Party was so much fun! Aoba Shimai put together a Nativity play mostly with the Niihama missionaries and it was pretty funny+ good, kids liked it I think. Lots of kids there- mostly from their Eikaiwa.
I sang O Holy Night and Falute Choro played the guitar,that was fun! I got to talk to lots of people and felt like I could communicate pretty well with them- definitely not perfect, but it was fun! We slept over with Niihama sisters- WE LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Sunday was interesting...so we got up early to catch the train back to Imabari and I had to speak in Sacrament and hadn't finished my talk and of course Fujiki Shimai was helping me with that and we were too focused I guess because we thought we missed our stop. Actually we got on the wrong train in the first place...so about 3 hours later we got to Imabari. The blessing was that because we got up early, even though we missed DCS (meeting with branch leaders about missionary work) we got to Sacrament Meeting a few minutes before it started. And the District President was there. THAT was scary! So Kai kun was sick and they told us just before it started and that they still needed a musical number so I just needed to pick one. !! Anyways, so I spoke about "becoming a better home/visiting teacher"- thought that was kind of a strange topic for a missionary, but it worked! Connected it a lot to Dendo. Then a high counselor spoke, then I sang "First Noel"- thank goodness Scott Shimai can play anything, because I had to ask her to play right before...then the District President spoke and it was SO GOOD. Leaders are called of God and I think he said exactly what Imabari Branch needed to hear. Talked about strengthening the church and it's all of our duty. Told us that Imabari could become a ward,
stake, 10 stakes! I get really motivated when people talk about the future of the church like that! Really good and I received a lot of ideas on how to improve as a missionary and working with members. It was Watabe Shimai's birthday so we made a little cake, card (plus at ZTM we had the whole zone write cards for the Watabe's). Celebrated her birthday with them- I LOVE being with the Watabe's! SO SAD to leave them.

So this next transfer will be an adventure! I'll see how much Japanese I really have learned. But people are just so nice here, so we'll be okay! Also I get the chance to rely on God more than I probably ever have before- that's a good way to spend Christmas- using the enabling power of Atonement.

Transfers. Scary! I'm going to Osaka (area is Sakai) and I'm training, thankfully she's 2nd transfer and has been in that area. Fujiki Shimai has been a BIG blessing in my life. The prophesy for Japan is that there will be all Japanese missionaries here, then once there is a surplus, they will go to China. That will be an exciting day. Pray for Fujiki Shimai- she's going back to her old area and an old companion and they had a pretty rough relationship.

Because Imabari is getting a fresh start (new missionaries), we've got a lot of prep to do for them. Being busy is when I have the most fun. So it's a little sad that Chrsitmas and birthday are in a new area, BUT our missionary Christmas party is on the 23rd!! Our mission is so big there are 3 parties that Welch Kaicho and Shimai go to on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th. So Sakai, Osaka and Kyoto zone are going to the same party. I'll probably see friends from the MTC. Also Fujiki Shimai and I are in the same zone!!

I love you- so happy to see pictures this week plus thank you for the short email and temple pictures! I'll figure out Christmas call- tell me when the best time is for you! I love you so much! Also mom I used the bit where you talked about visiting teaching in your email last week in my talk Sunday, thank you!

I love you! Katya

- Also pass on my sorry to anyone (family) who I don't reply to- I want to, and I don't really have time and if something isn't sent on Monday, I forget to reply because I've already read it and pretty much replied in my head...

Watabe's birthday plan. We've loved using this big whiteboard!

Our matching skirts from Yamamoto Shimai

Watabe Shimai's birthday 

Potential investigator we met at Niihama's party

Niihama party

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