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Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

So this week our Area Book app stopped working and that's our whole schedule, people, etc...so I don't remember everything that happened this week.

But Monday I received another Imabari towel! This one is Mickey Mouse. Also it rained, so we just went shopping. We were both just tired and wandered around- some Christmas stuff is up, but honestly not much. I was talking with Fujiki Shimai about Christmas here and she said it's more of a couples holiday, like Valentine's Day.

Tuesday in SGG they brought their BOM's and actually discussed Moroni 7:45 with us!! Before they usually just quietly listened, so it was a HUGE deal when they talked- miracle!

On Wednesday we had a good lineup of lessons that went well! As a mission we're working on becoming full-purpose missionaries (find, teach, baptize, retain and rescue) so we had a good balance today of different lessons- investigator, member, less-active. We went over to the RS Pres and Mission Leader's house (basically my favorite couple in the branch!) and they weren't home, so we heart-attacked them, then right as we were finishing, the mission leader drove up, so we talked on the porch with him for a bit. From our Dendo fireside last Sunday,
we asked if he had any chances to share the gospel. He said a little (like it wasn't a big deal!) and that he just briefly talked about God and Jesus Christ with people. Whaaaa?? That may be little but that's a big deal! It's those simple conversations that eventually lead to wanting to know more.

Thursday we had 2 cake shop lessons- both lessons are 30/30- English and gospel teaching. I'm working this week on not doubting and increasing my faith. I had doubted that one had kept prayer commitment and planned based on the assumption she didn't. We followed up and she has! Don't doubt anyone! Also we taught a Christian couple in the evening- first time. We went through the entire Restoration lesson, that was really different, good experience. High hopes for them!

Friday we had district meeting and after had a koukon (exchange) and I went with Hatch Shimai to Niihama. It rained the whole time and it was SO COLD. But we still talked to lots of people and I'm getting more used to housing- we haven't done very much in Imabari and I'm not a big fan but it's getting easier. Also for dinner we went to this Okanamiyaki restaurant by the church. The owner LOVES missionaries (I guess they used to come here all the time). He's not interested in the gospel, but he and his wife were so nice- it was this little place sigh only us for a while and the best Okanamiyaki! It's Hiroshima style, a little different that what I ate before.

So wet :)

Saturday I was back with Fujiki Shimai and we were so motivated to work! When we were leaving our apartment it wasn't raining very much (Mom and Dad remember me every morning in Paris...? Same. Eventually I'll learn) so I just put on a raincoat. It rained more than I knew that rain could rain- we kept going and had 2 lessons on the street (when it wasn't super raining). We were literally soaked and had to go back a little before dinner because there was no way anybody was going to let us in. I appreciate dry weather more and more.

Sunday we were pretty tired after church and always find the energy to keep going- honestly this is a blessing we keep receiving. Our last visit was a less-active we haven't met before. No ones seen her in a long time- at least not on records we've read. And we met her! Seriously this was a lesson led by the Spirit and we just walked away so happy. I didn't know I could be this happy. I was thinking about the Gift of Tongues- it's definitely not always speaking perfectly, but it's that broken Japanese is understandable. 

So even though it rained A LOT and I was really wet, I'm happy. Thought of D&C 128:22-25 "shall we not go on in so great a cause?"

LOVE LOVE LOVE Wagstaff Shimai

First- I FOUND LIME COKE IN JAPAN! sadly not diet. I don't think I've seen diet at all here, just zero. Not that it really matters, but anyways...

That was my motivation to get through weekly planning- it always takes a while and gets a little boring because it's long, but we're working on improving that. This time it was getting a little depressing because we felt like people weren't progressing, sometimes we think why can't they just keep commitments?? But that was Thursday and then we had a great koukon and were more motivated after. .

Sunday night was really special- the LA lesson was only 15 minutes and we didn't actually fully prepare it, just before we knocked decided we'd talk about God's love. Without writing it all out, we were able to just switch back and forth talking, asking questions. She doesn't want to come back to church, doesn't see a need, but we felt like we could tell her that's okay- we're not here to make you come back to church, we're here to uplift people and help everyone feel God's love. I said the closing prayer and felt really good about it. Really really good. After, Fujiki Shimai commented that she hears me pray all the time, but that prayer was different. That's what being led by the Spirit feels like. 

Today we're in Niihama for District P-day. The Watabe's couldn't come, and then the elders found out that  one of their recent converts from another area was coming to see them, and this was the only week we could all have District P-day, so we're here at the church- should be pretty fun even though it's a little weird. 

Love you all! Tash looks beautiful- fun! Sad for the football games. 

Also I thought this was pretty funny, go and have a laugh.

Also other funny moment: I was looking at the sacrament meeting program and asked Fujiki Shimai who a certain person was (kanji)- she looks at me and goes that's me! Lots of fun- i ask her what things mean all the time since I can't read stuff, I still don't recognize stuff be much, including her name apparently! We can always laugh and that makes everything so good.
Love, Katya 

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I love hearing about everything! I received grandma's Christmas package already- she emailed me last
week saying she was really worried about because of the experience with yours returning. Big differences in countries though. Obviously couldn't open it yet, but it was a good pick me up in the middle of
the week.

Food sounds good! Right now we're having a district ping pong tournament. Since I'm not very good, I just get more email time!

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