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Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Nov. 23, 2015

Being a missionary is a lot of fun! Last Monday we had District P-day.  One of the elder's recent converts came from Osaka to see him and stayed all day. Unfortunately, she was also pretty sick and couldn't do too much, so we stayed at the church, but it was still pretty fun!

Miracle that night was that we found a member's house without getting lost!! We'd been there once before, but it was pretty confusing AND this time we were coming from a different direction but figured we
could do it. Normally we tell ourselves that, then end up getting hopelessly lost and have to call, but this time we found her house and shared a message!

Tuesday at SGG we shared Ether 12:4 and talked about faith being an anchor. They were actually interacting with us and after, one of them came up to me and said he liked that image (faith is an anchor)!! Honestly, any comment or slight interest is progress, so I was pretty happy about that!

Wednesday was lots of rain but didn't bother us because we have interviews with Pres Welch in Matsuyama and that took almost all day and we got back just in time for Eikaiwa. I love interviews! Even though Pres Welch has 170 ish missionaries to interview, it's individual and doesn't seem rushed (yes there's a schedule, but we
were an hour behind it).

Thursday I made banana bread and one of the day's miracles: OUR MICROWAVE WORKED! Big deal, I promise. So the microwave is also the oven and has a bunch of different settings and also our microwave has an attitude and sometimes doesn't like to do what we want it to do, but for the banana bread it actually worked! Have no idea why. In the evening, we taught the Protestant cake shop couple. Last week we went through the entire Restoration pretty quickly, so we thought we should go over again by watching the Restoration video (20 min Joseph
Smith first vision). Honestly, I think they could be golden investigators- paid very close attention and really liked it. Though at the end we asked the husband to pray (taught prayer last time) and the houhou (method) was a little off but heartfelt! I love the Restoration video, also I LOVE teaching about Joseph Smith because
every time I teach, I'm reminded that it's true, it's all true.

Friday we had District Meeting and the AP's dropped in- that was a surprise! They had just been in Matsuyama on a koukan and decided to drop in. They were asking about how our areas were doing, we were talking about Imabari for a little bit and Dos Santos Choro (former ZL) asked if we'd gotten any new towels (we always receive towels in Imabari since they're famous here, I guess). Anyways that's a weird question and the other AP, hadn't heard of them, but wanted one and spent the rest of the time trying to convince his companion to stop in Imabari on the way back to Kobe to get a towel. Watabe Shimai is so nice that she promised to bring some to the Christmas party. Anyways, random.

Friday was Setsura's birthday (investigator) so we brought over banana bread and a card! He seemed really really happy about it- his family was pretty busy, so they were going to celebrate Saturday. 

Saturday we got to go to the beautiful islands with the Watabe's to visit a member and her less-active daughter! Her daughter is so busy with high school, so I've only met her once before and we were so blessed to get to meet her again! After, we stopped for salt ice cream...weird but really good! Also, the view is gorgeous!

When we got back, our neighbor had dropped off cake for us! We drop by mikans and notes sometimes. She used to come to Eikaiwa and she's Chinese and the nicest person ever, even if she's not interested in the gospel right now.

Sunday we dropped by this flea market-thing going on because a less-active that we visit all the time had a booth. Obviously couldn't buy anything, but just wanted to support and say hi- she was super genki (happy)- we don't know if we've ever seen her so excited, she's usually just tired. Miracle!
After funny story- so we talk to everyone, at least a "konnichiwa" and this older guy replies to me  and I had NO IDEA what he said. I know it wasn't Japanese, and I've gotten pretty good at understanding bad English, but I had no idea what language this was! Then he asked where I was from in Japanese and I replied America- he laughed and said he studied "Doich-go" in college. German! He was speaking German to me, that's a first. Told him sorry I don't speak German. He was pretty nice but not so interested in talking once he found out I don't speak German. :)
The rest of the day was finding less-actives, except we didn't find any, BUT we were at the right houses, so we can always try again later.

Love you all! This week we've been focusing on kansha (gratitude) since Thanksgiving's coming up. We found this really good quote from April 2014 Conference Pres Uchtdorf: "There is one thing we can do to make life sweeter, more joyful, even glorious. We can be grateful!"
- It's so simple yet powerful. Love you all!

Wagstaff Shimai

I have the best companion, hopefully, I'm half as good as she is! We were doing SKK on Thursday (weekly planning). Not a fan- it gets a little depressing to look at numbers sometimes and last week she
suggested we buy treats before to make it a little better. Also, after reminded me to mail a letter to Sam I had written. That was so simple, but for some reason really lifted me up!

Found out I need to pay better attention to my clothes- some of my skirts are a little dirty on the bottom from biking and being hit with dirt or something. Anyways, taking stains out right now, shouldn't be a problem. While I'm talking about useless things like my clothes- found a hole in my favorite pink cardigan from J Crew :( zannen-unfortunate. Life goes on, still happy. All that being said, my clothes are fine mom! Wearing tights all the time and using my rain
jacket all the time- not actually as a rain jacket, but it's a good windbreaker to wear over sweaters when we're biking.

Love you all! This next week were having a branch thanksgiving party, which is rare from what I've heard from others. So the American guy in our branch really wants to have a piñata. As far as I can remember, what does that have anything to do with Thanksgiving...?

Funny thing: so I found this really cute turkey clip art for our flyer and then we take it to an LA and she goes- "what is that?" Me and Fujiki Shimai: ".... A turkey." Apparently not many people know what a turkey is.
Also I'm singing. There's a shocker :)

Love you guys so much!


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