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Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Dec. 12, 2016 Light the Japan!

I really want to think that this is just a normal week, but this is my last email and this has truly been a week of tender mercies from Heavenly Father. I love my mission. I love these people and experiences and I cry anytime anyone mentions that I'm going home but that's just because I am so grateful, not to mention the wonderful family and loved ones at home. I absolutely love being a missionary,there's nothing better.

Last Monday we went to Joyo illumination with a member- not a lot of people there, but so grateful that she came and dendo'd with us! She's finishing up college finals right now and still makes time to work with us, love her so much!

Tuesday was such a blessing- lunch and lesson with a member- busy working RM but she also wants to make time to dendo on Sunday's! Then we did a Christmas kubari (handing out flyers) at eki and it was really successful- lots of people stopped to actually talk with us, not just take the paper and leave- some good PI's. Then we've really been praying and working hard for new investigators that have potential to really progress and housed an apartment building close to a member's house that we felt prompted to visit and of course after no one answering, found someone at one of the last doors- he's a college student who doesn't know what's true but said if there was one true religion he would want that...we had the opportunity to teach the whole Resotration, give BOM, set appt for later in the week- what a miracle! 

Wednesday was our recent converts- everyone's doing great, Masaki Kyoudai and Yamanaka Shimai are done with AB lesson! In the evening again prompting to visit some apartments and met the most adorable 12 year old girl who we showed the new Christmas video, she loved it and wants to learn more (needs parent permission) so asked her to get that, then we were moving on and talked to other people and as we were going back to our bikes she comes running out and had written us Merry Christmas cards- she melts my heart. It doesn't matter what age, Heavenly Father is preparing his children to hear the gospel. 

Thursday I koukaned in a Fushimi with Luczak and Kenney Shimai- 3people was a blast! We had to adjust a little but lots of miracles, worked hard, came home exhausted (which is the best feeling)Friday ZTM in Shimogamo- the Spirit was strong, we were able to apply various things we learned immediately to get new investigators later in the week! Plus Kanako Chan (member)'S work schedule was changed and she was able to come with us to visit golden kid from earlier in the week- turned out really well, talked about BOM and Heavenly Father. 

Saturday evening went to Kanako's house, Komatsu 'S had a dinner party partially for me going home and also her friend (referral!) who just passed some big college test. I love watching the Spirit work through people. Towards the end she basically said, I just feel so soft right now and started crying and talking about guilt she felt for not being better, wants to be better- that's exactly the help the gospel brings! She's really busy now until end of the year but basically she's ready to be baptized- she's been friends with this member for a long time, met missionaries a little before, preparing her to receive the full blessings! 

Sunday spoke, also sang with Larsen Shimai! Then YW Christmas Party, watched Christmas Devotional, went out for some more finding and evening was dinner party at the Nagashima family and lots of people! It was just one big happy family- food was simple and that's the best, just having a good time together. Miracles are happening here because this is Heavenly Fathers work for us, the children that he loves so much. 

I've just been a small part of the picture and I've learned how hard this is. We cannot do this work on our own and there are plenty of discouraging, rainy long cold days and yet we have the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We know that all things will work together for our good. If you want to be happy, look to the Light of the World. If you want to be even happier, follow His example and share the light.
I love you all, see you soon!
Wagstaff Shimai

See you soon! Love you all! Sent off my suitcases today, praying
everything gets there in one piece :)

This week I was with a lot of member families and they are the same
all over to world. The gospel blesses families, truly we have joy.

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