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Monday, November 28, 2016

Nov. 28, 2016

Monday after P-Day ended we went out to Kutsukawa and saw Tai for a little bit- such a blessing that my companion speaks Spanish! I picked up a few words (the ones that are like English ๐Ÿ˜Š) but she was busy and less interested than before, but still hope! Did some finding, trying to focus on Book of Mormon which worked out pretty well! 

Tuesday we biked over to a college and had some pretty successful finding- one girl turns out doesn't live in our area, but pretty interested and swapped numbers. Then not even sure how it happened, we were just talking to everyone and met this 97 he old grandpa, still walking around and genki with a walker. Anyways a little hard to understand him but he was Christian and he mentioned he wasn't baptized so of course we started talking about baptism, then he asked if he could show us a book he wrote, so we walked a little back to his house , he ended up giving us his book, no clue what it's about but he probably lives with family and hopefully they see the pamphlets we gave! Funny guy. Later met with a member and I was surprised that she had more dendo desire than I expected (don't judge) and we helped her think about people to help especially inviting to Christmas, which is a really big push in Japan this year. Lastly visited a less active from a list the Relief Society president gave us a bit ago and this lady hasn't been visited in a long time according to records but she came out and talked to us and we also met her daughter (non-member!) and she said we can come back and talk! image2.JPG
(Also Yamanaka Shimai gave us flowers)

Wednesday was recent convert day, always good. So proud of Fujii Shimai this week who basically just finished all of 2nd Nephi in a week! The Book of Mormon is powerful and the promise is true for anyone who reads, ponders and prays. 

Thursday we got a flu shot in the morning, then went over to Uji in the evening for Thanksgiving dinner at the Takara's with elders, Masaki Kyoudai and Hirao Shimai. Dinner was Pizza Hut and KFC :) :) It was just the funniest group, we were laughing all night. The gospel is so joyful- this was a group that of course like everyone has challenges, some big ones and yet can be happy...that's kind of been a theme this week, "None but saints can be happy under every circumstance "image1.JPG

Friday was Zone Conference and the Spirit was so strong, Welch Kaicho and Shimai are truly amazing. Sadly my last zone conference but it's so good and the missions going in a great direction focusing on Faith and Repentance. I gave my final testimony, then after had final interview, so lots of tears but it was so good. Came back to Joyo and had a lesson with Naho plus a member was able to come, so that was good. Also the Christmas video came out- seriously ๆ„Ÿๅ‹•ใ—ใพใ—ใŸ,very moved! Everyone needs to see it, it helped our investigator feel the Spirit as well. image3.JPG

Saturday we had a meeting with Ward mission leader then ate out and cool experience showing the difference we can make. While waiting we started talking to people and elders were talking to a family with a young kid who really liked English- just being nice and then left. Then we we were sitting by a lady who was pretty cool, and she finished and left a little before we did. Once she left the mom the elders talked to approached us and said we seemed really nice and he had mentioned we teach English, so she asked about it, we ended up teaching her about what we're doing and importance of family and she just couldn't believe we taught English for free. Anyways, hopefully they come this week! Lots of miracles this day, another cool experience was in the evening in Uji (biked out pretty far) and we were looking for this less active and the address was a little wrong but then this high school kid was coming home to the house that the map said, so we asked if he knew this person, he immediately ran in to check with his mom who grabbed a map of the area, invited us in and we checked the map together, she found it then walked us over to the less active. Turns out his less active didn't live there anymore but we were definitely guided to meet this mom and her family, she was so incredibly nice! 

Sunday Elder Aoba came to Joyo Ward!! He's a member of the 70 (potter mentioned in General Conference last October) and he's from Ehime my first area and I knew him there! That was really fun- he shared a story about challenges he had to overcome as a new member and the effect we can then have on others in strengthening their faith. Then during Sunday school a member couple asked us to come with them and we went to a classroom with Fujii Shimai's mom who was an investigator before but then kept saying she was too tired to listen to us so we dropped her but she still comes to church every week with her daughter and had a great time at Stake Conference last week. The members invited her to listen to us and she said no but kept talking, testifying about eternal families- through the teaching of Jesus Christ we really can see and be with our family forever. So then asked again and she agreed to take lessons during Sunday school! Truly a miracle and we couldn't have done it on our own. Later we did some housing in a new neighborhood the bishop just moved into and even though it was cold and raining, lots of people answered and talked to us- lots of good potential investigators, including a family that all immediately came to the door, like all of them (rare!). Had dinner with the Bishop and his wife and talked about their dendo, plus for the Ward and there were lots of ideas- so exciting to see great things going forward. Dendo really does work best with members. 
I'm so grateful for the little part I get to play in Heavenly Father's grand plan everyday. There are so many precious children here and God knows each and every one. That includes each of you! You are each known and loved and make a difference. Very excited to start the Christmas service thing this week and hear how everyone is daily serving! Love you all!

Sister Wagstaff

Love the new Christmas campaign! Dad asked what I want to do this
holiday season, first don't really know but for sure everyday the
service thing!

What a week- investigators falling like crazy, we were basically down
to no one solid so lots of finding and we were working hard, talking
to tons of people and just no one with interests, no new
investigators. Don't worry not a pity party because we knew we were
doing our part, fasted one day as well. Then the most amazing Zone
Conference. I was just tears basically the whole day it was so good
and a very nice sort of wrap up and lots of looking back. The asked us
to do a 5 minute last testimony at the end and obviously I knew it was
coming and have for a long time up there and basically could hardly
speak at first but special thing is just the day before I finished the
Atonement challenge and read the entire BOM again. It is absolutely
true and the Atonement is for all of us and even though it's just the
paper missionary copy it's priceless because it's what I have learned,
experiences, felt since February. I have dates and names written in
for special experiences, particular verses that are tied to people.
Truly this is the most amazing experience. Plus we all stood and sang
our mission theme song- I'll never be able to sing Armies of Helaman
the same again either.

Also went to Kyoto again today- little exploring because we didn't
know exactly what we were looking for but heard suggestions about a
cool area of the city. Ended up seeing a manga museum (not worth it,
still don't care!) but cute little shop with paintings, then ended up
close to the imperial palace and ginormous gardens, only saw a little
bit but that's a beautiful place, wish I'd found that earlier!

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