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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Monday Oct. 17, 2016

Week 2 in Joyo and it's truly a special little place! Last Monday we went into the city (Kyoto) over to Kiyomizudera for fun with Fushimi sisters and then there were wifi issues and sending emails was a disaster BUT had a great day

This is the "kiyo mizu", pure water. You rinse your hands and mouth- and baptism is definitely better :)

That night, like always God was in charge of our plans and though it wasn't our plan or backup plan we visited some PIs who we've tried a lot lately but this time both were home! One college student who has a BOM and we gave another place to read, then our next door neighbor who's just the sweetest and sadly very busy but wants to talk more later.

Tuesday we biked out to a far area but with lots of people to visit- some nice LA's then saw a bike shop and my bikes been in pretty bad shape, back wheel hasn't been straight for a while and so stopped to see about fixing it- turns out big problems and would take a few days, so we adjusted our schedule and had to walk back from there...that took a while and then an investigator cancelled but ate good food and then visited a member family close and one girl just recently got back from her mission so tons of dendo fire and working so hard! We felt so loved with them.

Wednesday used an extra bike the elders had and visited a ton of recent converts (during the summer Joyo saw a baptism a week so there's a looooot of recent converts!) They are some o the cutest members- a lot of grandma's. Also a new investigator forgot about our appt and was super late with really no time but at least still came to the church to see us, say sorry and hopefully we can meet her for real again.

Thursday the nicest member drove us over to the bike shop and I got my bike back! Poor thing has been doing pretty good, now I just need it to keep enduring! Our dendo shunin took us to lunch with the elders and had a mini DCS (missionary coordination meeting) and seriously I feel like every time I talk to Katayama Kyoudai I just receive pure wisdom. He's really cool. Later taught a RC's mom...I love her so much, she says the funniest things and if I can get a video, I'll show you, if not I'll just explain when I get home! Lessons are very short because she gets tired but using pictures and then singing a Primary song we were able to teach her about Jesus Christ.

Friday we went to District Meeting in Fushimi and got hopelessly lost but eventually found our way to the church and then had a great Conference review together. Indo Curry (never gets old) and then back to Joyo and met up with an Eikaiwa student who insisted we meet her daughter plus family and we were able to teach a bit of the Plan of Salvation- not entirely sure how interested they were, but a nice opportunity. Then at night our cute neighbor came over and brought dinner randomly! That was sweet.

Saturday we went to Ibaraki (back to Osaka!) with a member for Dendo Go- a mission prep activity, Pokemon ago theme. Coolest thing ever, so all of my favorite YSA/youth in Osaka were there, plus Welch Kaicho and Shimai and all the missionaries in the Kansai area (Osaka and Kyoto). We received a bunch of training in the morning then split in companionships- missionaries and members, then lunch and headed out to go find and teach together! I was with a girl Aiko Chan who's 20 and considering a mission. We had a cool experience- she was way shy and scared about talking to people so most of the time I talked but halfway through stopped and prayed for direction and talked to a high school girl nearby and she had legitimate interest and the member was able to bear testimony and invite her to learn more! The worth of 1 soul is great- plus we were able to talk to quite a few people after that as well. Came back, had a testimony meeting, picture and headed home. I was overwhelmed with how much I just love these people and missionary work- this is one great big miracle! All of our little efforts may seem small but in about 1 hour ish, as a group we talk over 500 lessons, gave away 50 BOMs. All of the little efforts do add up, so it's incredible to think that this is happening all over the world.

Some Sakai friends at Dendo Go!

Sunday met a lot of Joyo members and was super happy to see converts bringing family members who aren't members yet. I sat next to a convert and her granddaughter, just like home we played the dot game together in Sacrament. She's 10. Also she already loves primary! After church we had a lunch otgheyer- they do this every month to celebrate birthdays. It's fun to be part of a smaller Ward again- about 30-50 active members. They are very inclusive. After church miracles housing an apartment building we've been wanting to try for a while. Then in the evening watched Elder Bednar devotional for Japan- lots spoken about Joy and the Holy Ghost.

Today was a slow day lounging around the apartment and going over to a member's tonight for her mom's birthday (the investigator) for an FHE party, should be pretty fun.

Gospel's true and it's so joyful, love you all!

Sister Wagstaff

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