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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Monday August 1, 2016

I had a good week that showed how much God looks out for each of us!

- Monday P-Day at Osaka Jo with Sakai sisters (Nakayama, Nomura)...outnumbered by Nihonjin! Then 6 when dendo started again, the Wakayama sisters came and I switched with Manwill Shimai! First she looks like my sister and our dendo style is really similar, so it was such a good time! We even got to bring up baptism in a first contact- this lady recognized us, has heard of the church, so we just went for it and told her she would be happy if she joined- she doesn't want to BUT it was fun to try, and now keep trying!

- Tuesday was exchange with Manwill Shimai still- first had some time and decided to drop by a less active we hadn't talked to in a while- normally she doesn't really want to talk long, but for some reason this time we ping pong and she answers "IRASSHAI!" Which is a really polite way to say Come in! We ended up staying and listening to her for about an hour- she was really excited to tell us about all her granddaughters and how great they are! She was taught and baptized when her granddaughter was a missionary here a few years ago, but now has some health issues. She also knows Welch Kaicho and loves him, and then was going off how he's better than  the older mission presidents, that was interesting! Also focused that day on teaching the restoration and got to bring it up in a few contacts. Then Wakayama sisters went home, we went to Eikaiwa- kids were cute and fun again

- Wednesday Happy Birthday Mom! I had a great day- two cool things. First one is pretty simple, but a new investigator was finally home- she's a nurse with a crazy schedule and we finally got to talk to her again. Still haven't seen her face, only talks through the ping pong box, so currently figuring out different ways to get her to come to the door next time... Next was the evening, 30/30 lesson with an investigator that was truly a miracle. This involved some pretty personal details I can't share but basically she's very interested in the English part, and the
gospels just there too but tonight miraculously the Spirit touched her, she just started crying in the middle, which led us to be able to testify of eternal families, it's all written in the Book of Mormon, and while she still doesn't know it's true, she was very hopeful and eager to find out because truly the gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of hope, and she needs it.

- Thursday morning we went to Sakai for interviews with Welch Kaicho! I love Welch Kaicho and Welch Shimai- truly they are amazing and it was just what I needed. After, we returned to Kawachinangano, did weekly planning which was exciting- always fun to plan for the miracles ahead. Cool little thing- we really wanted to visit a member family this night but weren't able to schedule an appointment, so we just planned for something else, but then I'm the afternoon we got a call from this member asking us to come over for dinner that night! Yessss keiji (revelation), miracle. Talked about truly helping out family and friends and now each of them have a specific person they are going to be working on.

- Friday District Meeting in Hashimoto! We reviewed the BOM Atonement challenge we've been doing and it's been 6 months and I loved going back and reviewing because I see so much growth. One point was that through applying the Doctrine of Christ, we are using the Atonement, which was also what Welch Kaicho focused on at interviews. Plus we always Mogi (role play) and even though it's not real, the Spirit was still there and helped me learn, in order to help an investigator in a real lesson. This transfer my testimony of Mogi has been really strengthened- seriously so nice to practice and receive revelation, knowing what will best help our investigators.

Also in the evening went back to find the referral from the guy that said he doesn't believe in God but his wife loves Jesus Christ, remember him? Still didn't meet the wife but clearly we must need to talk to this guy! He was a lot more relaxed and willing to talk a little bit just at his door. We guessed already but found out this time for sure that his wife is Fillipino!! Fillipinjin=kinjin (Golden) but she just left on vacation back to see family in the Phillipines for the rest of August...ugh, BUT missionaries will meet her next transfer and seems really good because this is playing out just like a Japanese/Fillipino member couple in our ward right now! 

Saturday- so the bishop was in charge of a Ward FHE activity, but called last night cancelling because he's sick, but we had invited investigators and people from Eikaiwa and didn't want to completely cancel last minute, so we decided to just take it over with the elders...ended up just having one of their investigators show up and then a bunch of members (I LOVE the members in Kawachinagano, so supportive) and we had a good time together, a little bummed other people didn't come. The rest of the day, our finding was mah- got to talk to lots of people but no new investigators, BUT did meet 2 LA's that I seriously haven't seen in months, so that was a miracle!

Sunday Kawamura Shimai spoke in Sacrament, did a wonderful job talking about dendo, power of relying on God. After church we were driven by some members to a YSA missionary activity in Sakai! The stake mission leader put this together with the goal of inspiring more YSA/youth to get involved in missionary work. This was just a Sakai Ward activity, but they needed more missionaries, so we got to come too! I love Sakai Ward,truly strong members! We split and went out finding for a few hours with them- I was with Meika Chan who's 19 and thinking about a mission. I'll admit, my finding hasn't been so great lately, but this was such a good chance to repent and just really try to talk to EVERYONE! We were blessed with lots of people to teach, 1 new investigator (return appointment!) and a lot of people that want to come to Eikaiwa. Also double blessing to see members from back when I served in Sakai which was only 1 short transfer, and not going to lie, it was a hard one and felt like we didn't see a lot of results, but then one sister (Ward missionary) came up to me and told me an old investigator I taught was back and actually came to church this week and this sister finally met her! That was something we tried so hard to help happen when I was there and it just never worked, but now it happened. 6 months later, but seriously so happy to hear about this. Truly this work is Gods work on His time and one of the principles in PMG is that "No Effort is Wasted" and I believe that's true. I can't control people, but I can do my best to invite and help and truly God performs miracles and people are converted. 

Also really low on pictures this week...kind of forgot to take any. But I love you all, have a great week, wherever you are!

Also this is Chie Chan! 

Love, Wagstaff Shimai

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