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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Monday July 11, 2016 His Love

Mon - after PDay ended we went to dinner with an Eikaiwa student/PI wanting to make her an investigator. Interesting night...seriously all the details would take too long to write, ask me about it later! But anyways we asked her for her favorite restaurant, we get there and already know it's going to be expensive, but then she came and no
backing out! She believes pretty strongly in what she believes and I don't want to make fun of it at all, because she has a lot of truth! Believes in guardian spirits and things like that, though she's very sweet and said she feels really good at our church and thinks we're great people.

Tuesday- MLC in Kobe, big reveal is that next transfer the whole mission is going to do the 12-Week Training Program! I'm pretty excited to go back to that because he purpose is to strengthen our foundation, go back to the basics so that we can then work more effectively!

(Doki at MLC!)

Wednesday- went to lunch with a potential investigator, a grandpa that approached us 2 weeks ago and used to meet with elders, so we exchanged info and he said he wanted to take us to lunch. Sadly he showed up to lunch completely drunk...and so all it ended up being was a free lunch. But after that we had a lesson with an investigator, Kumiko San, the elders passed to us and that went really well! We brought the RS president with us and they connected well and she had done her BOM reading we asked and has the desire to understand and find out if it's true. 

Thursday we koukaned with Wakayama sisters! I went with Manwill Shimai and she is on fire! In the early afternoon it was super hot and every appointment fell through for the first 2 hours, but we kept going, then had to go back to the apartment for a bit since some inspector person or someone like that was coming. After we went back out  more pumped to work and literally were busy from then until 9! First close to our apartment, waiting at a stoplight, a girl started speaking a little English to us, so we talked to her- wants help with English and also is interested in church- we exchanged info then we're asking when she was free and she basically blurted out, I have time right now! Alright then! We found some nearby benches and did a quick English, then gospel/missionary introduction then! Then to top it off, we ended up heading in the same direction and found out where she lives as well- we walked away speechless- YES miracles like that happen! Then everything the rest of the night was miraculous too- met an investigator who we hadn't seen for about a month, then also good experiences with a part-member family and some members. Seriously koukans are so cool. 

Friday- next day we all went to Wakayama for ZTM- met the Sakai sisters along the way and all got to travel together! ZTM was focused on our preparation- study, mogi (role play?), unified as a companionship- all good stuff! Came back to Kawachinagano and when we met with one of our favorite investigator families, the Matsui's they found out it was Steere Shimai's last time, so they self-committed to come to church Sunday to see her! We'll take any reason ! :) 

Aoi Chan!

Saturday- 2 cool experiences. First was doing 30/30 with a member's grandson- he has so much energy and is really enthusiastic. It's amazing to teach a 7 yr old because he's so believing- he has been to church a few times and really wants to come again, but currently plays soccer on Sunday - praying for him to be able to come to church, make that decision.

Later in the evening the RS had a family history activity and had left a note to invite an investigator earlier but she wasn't there when it started, so we went over to her house. She's 84 years old, lives right by the church and comes to Eikaiwa every week! Through talking found out she likes trying new things and has never done family history before, then last week for Tanabata (Japanese holiday, look it up) her wish was to live to be 100 yrs old. Told her that there was a 100 yr old grandpa talking at the activity tonight- she perked up and wanted to come- she had the greatest time there! I don't understand 100 yr old grandpa Japanese, so I had no clue what was going on but watching her reactions was priceless. Plus seeing members immediately fellow shipping her without any push from us- this is a GREAT Ward! 

Sunday, Murata San (84 yr old) investigator came to church! All four missionaries sang that day- Armies of Helaman- Kobe version, every time I sing that song, I feel the Spirit, and I feel so grateful to be a missionary here and now. 

After church lots of member appointments- good food and mostly just so much love felt from these members. 

One of the SUPER members in Kawachinagano! :)

This week is transfers, definitely getting a new companion, probably staying in Kawachinagano for 5 transfers! 
I've been struck again with amazement for the power of the Atonement. My heart is getting bigger- He feels greater love for us than we feel for our investigators, members. He loves those who break our hearts and the most beautiful thing is that broken hearts (and contrite spirits!) get healed and become better than before. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is within reach of all of us, how can you reach out to Him more this week? I can testify that His love is overwhelming, the blessings are great and worth any small sacrifice on our part. 

I love you all so much!

Sister Wagstaff

There's this app like Snapchat that Japanese teenagers love- this was at Eikaiwa 

Primary boy took my iPad and had fun- took about 100 photos and this was us mid-run to get the iPad back...:)

None other than our Primary boy, Taiki...aka Hammy the Squirrel

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