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Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday March 7, 2016 End of this transfer

Happy March! It's getting warmer (probably not going to last for long) but we were really happy!

Tuesday MLC in Kobe- mainly we just discussed what we've been learning from our Aganai BOM challenge. I've been paying attention to His role and our role- so what he went through/did, what blessings we receive and what were commanded to do. So mostly I'm reading about repentance! Good time- heard Chapman Shimai's last testimony for the 10th time I think :) Basically for the whole transfer at any meeting, she's asked to give her final testimony, so I hear it a lot and it's powerful EVERY single time! She's done really hard things, like learn English
in Japan while learning Japanese and she's the happiest person I know!

Wednesday we went visiting teaching with the stake RS president and her comp to a bunch of LA's. Sadly they either weren't home or...we walk up (big traditional Japanese house) and can see her at the 2 floor airing out futons. We ping pong and she tells us that's she busy and was really vague. We walk away a little sad about that and then Maekawa Shimai (RS Pres) says basically "Oh darn it, we didn't get to take a picture together!" ...Kawachinagano and pictures...pretty funny, she was really excited about the new selfie stick that she bought (I think she's like 60 yrs old). But it's all good, we went and ate lunch together at the other member's daughter's house and she got to use her new selfie stick :)
Then in the afternoon visited a member couple- turns out they were Ward missionaries years a go and really good! We got to Mogi with them and unlike most Japanese, they gave us a lot of feedback on our Japanese and teaching. Most people will tell you your Japanese is great, but they helped is specifically with what words are understandable and helpful for investigators. Super helpful!
In the evening people weren't home, and hardly anybody came to Takkyu (ping pong) night BUT as we were biking home and stopping people we met who we think can be a golden investigator- college student that really likes English and also very happily accepted a Restoration pamphlet...we'll see how that goes tomorrow if she comes to Eikaiwa!

Thursday- member, LA (who's coming back and getting ready to go to the temple!) and then we went with the Yamamoto fuufu (Ward missionaries) who asked us to come see some LA's. Really special experience, HUGE highlight. We went to a care center because he one brother has Alzheimer's and another is blind. The Alzheimer's guy likes hymns so we sang together and the Spirit was VERY strong in there, he's really special and there's no doubt that God really loves His children. The other brother is in his 90's and won't be here for very much longer. The Yamamoto's work so hard in bringing back and loving all the less-active's, in addition to really trying to dendo their friends and neighbors as well. 
Trying not to spoil the mood, but also they are both really short with a tiny car that Chapman Shimai and I really didn't fit in- but a really good time together!

Friday we had ZTM in Wakayama- of course right when we think we have the trains here down because we've done this route a lot...we don't, got lost and and got there just in time to start! Again, a good Atonement challenge discussion, with more application to our work. 

Sad to see them going home (2 on the right)!

Saturday we ended up meeting a lot of good people on the street as we were trying to visit different LA's and PI's. Also met a JW who was very excited to try and speak English with me...interesting guy, he gave me his card, so I gave him a Mormon.org card- right as we walked away I realized I gave him one with my phone number on it! (Fast forward to Sunday and today- he called, very nice and wondered if I had any JW questions...nope! Hopefully that was all).

Sunday, Fast Sunday, really good! Lots of member visits and 2 dinners. We did it! We ate both dinners and we both able to pretend to be perfectly fine (and really really hope the members don't find out that they fed us twice!) and we were REALLY full and couldn't move so we came home for 9 pm planning and sort of fell on the floor and stayed there.

Also this was one of the visits- wife is a strong member and we were just following up with PMG with her and she invited her non-member husband in! A lot of trust! He's so close to baptism...not officially meeting with missionaries now, but he just feels so close! 

Also he was the one that wanted everyone to do their peace signs! 

Overall a great week with some people with good potential. One of the big things I've learned this week was about repentance- that's what I'm finding EVERYWHERE as I'm focusing on the Atonement. One of the interesting principles of the Atonement is Ether 12:27 "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness" - so as we're striving to come closer to Christ, we'll see more of our weaknesses, maybe more trials, which help us to repent daily and actually rely on Him more. It's interesting and I know I don't perfectly understand- why do I feel weak and find so many problems if I'm trying to hard to be good, to be obedient? Our theme for this last week and this next week has been- Who knows? He knows. Working on more trust and reliance. 

Love you all so much! It's transfer week and my companions going home, so I know I'm getting a ewn one, but no idea who or where yet! 

Wagstaff Shimai

Thursday experience with the Yamamoto's was easily once of the most spiritual moments I've had here. Lots of hymns- the really basic most powerful ones: primary. I'm a child of God, families forever, love one another.

Last MLC (February) that I never sent- this was a big fancy Japanese house that's actually the Kobe Stake office

Also last p-day we went to this crepe shop by our apartment- very cute! I got this blueberry cheesecake one...SO GOOD!  Chapman Shimai made a funny comment-said I really love food- wasn't a fat thing just apparently I get excited about food...?  (NOT a fat joke, I've checked the scale, I'm fine!)

Kind letter from Katya's companion Chapman Shimai

Bonjour , enchanté je suis Sœur Chapman , j'écrit pour vous remercier d'avoir une bonne fille qui aime travailler pour le seigneur, Soeur Wagstaff est une Soeur spéciale , parmi  toutes les Sœur missionnaire avec qui j'ai travailler  , elle est la seule avec qui j'ai ressentis un esprit spéciale , je suis reconnaissant d'avoir eut cette opportunité de travailler avec elle , j'espère qu'on pourras se rencontrer un jour , merci beaucoup pour vos prières .

Bonne chance La Famille Wagstaff,

Sœur Meherio Chapman

I'm Sister Chapman, I wrote to you thank for a good girl who likes to work for the Lord Sister Sister Wagstaff is special among all Sister missionaries with whom I work , it is the only one with whom I felt a special spirit , I am grateful to have had this opportunity to work with her, I hope we will be able to meet one day , thank you for your prayers.

Also a cool kaishuudan (conversion story) I heard yesterday:- So a member couple invited us and the elders over for dinner and said they were bringing a friend as well and we're going to give him aBOM that night. So while sharing the gospel with a friend from the dad's work we heard their story- They live close to the church so their kids went to Eikaiwa and then the mom started taking lessons. She loved the missionaries and believed, but said she wouldn't get baptized without her husband. He wasn't interested because he liked to drink. So missionaries just keep coming- he wasn't opposed, he liked them but just wasn't ready to change. Then, (sadly I didn't fully hear/understand this part) he changed and 13 years after she was ready, he was ready and they were baptized together. That was about 10 years ago. He shared that with his friend, along with Ether 12:27. COOL STUFF. Number 5:34 why I love Japan- almost everyone is a convert, so we get to hear lots of conversion stories- daisuki! (Favorite)

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