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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Monday Oct. 26, 2015

So Monday we got our flu shots, Tuesday mine turned red and got really swollen and as aru-looking and Fujiki Shimai (a nurse) said she hadn't seen that (she worked in ER and HCU-like ICU I think, so she's seen much worse!) and we called the clinic again just in case, y'know since I don't want to have my arm amputated or die or something like that. Maybe I'm dramatic, promise it wasn't that bad and I didn't freak out
too much!

Also, in the afternoon/evening Ochi Shimai taught us Jodou- Japanese sword fighting, here's lots of different variations. It's very formal, like really choreographed and pretty fun! Fujiki Shimai is really good because she did something really similar in school. First practiced with sticks, then she let us use the wooden swords.

Tuesday we attempted to contact everyone from Kodomo Eikaiwa that said they were interested in hearing a message from us (on the form they usually said they were interested in family, sometimes what happens after we die). We heard from 2 people- one said they actually had no time and weren't really interested, bummer. The other is still interested and we have an appt this week WOOHOO! A scheduled appt! Those are a little rare sometimes.

Wednesday morning we went with the Watabe's and Murakami Kyodai (Brother) to Omishima to pick lemons and mikans for/with a member. So much fun! Lemon orchards smell really good! Probably not enough room to ride four-wheelers in so I still prefer Brigham City, but Omishima is the most beautiful island! The mikans are kind of on the side of the mountain and it's beautiful and you see the ocean and we decided that's what paradise will be! We went home with a TON of mikans, so everyone we visited for the rest of the week got a little bag of mikans. Basically, they are to Ehime-ken what zucchini's are to Utah, if that makes sense. Good thing these mikans are delicious!

Thursday was Zone Conference! There was a communication problem and we all showed up 1 1/2hr before Pres, Sis Welch and the APs. So we had lots of spiritual prep time! So good- lots about the Doctrine of Christ with our BOM challenge. We focused on Alma 5-40 because there's a lot of my missionary help in those chapters. Actually just a lot of help in general, I think. Anyways, really good. I sang "Savior Redeemer".


Friday we felt really productive when we had 3 lessons in about 1 hour! 1 member, 2 investigators that all live pretty close together. 
After, we did some slightly weird service- so next month the RS is making otedama's: basically bean bags to give to a nursing home, and there's these bean-things that grow everywhere, weeds really, that they want to stuff them with. Well we were riding along and noticed an area by the side of the road with LOTS of these weeds, so we went back to our apartment to change, and picked these bean-things in the weeds for a while!

Saturday was a lot of no one answers the door/no one is home. But in the evening we had dinner with the Scott family (Scott Kyodai is American) finishing up plans for the Halloween party since they're in charge. This is their annual party and I guess it's a big ordeal, I'll find out this week!

Sunday we really thought 2 investigators would come to Seisankai and they didn't. At least we heard from one who was sorry she couldn't come! Also, one of the Watabe's investigators said he would be baptized- that means we'll have a new family in the branch, the mom was a less-active. That gave us new drive to go visit less-actives because there are people out there ready to come back! ...No one answered all day, so maybe they weren't quite ready, but they will be!

We've got a lot of hope and ideas and plans for this next week and it's fun! Working on simply showing love to everyone, because when people feel loved-feel the Spirit, they'll want to change and then change (and come back to church!!). 

Love you all! 
Love, Wagstaff Shimai

Currently I think our upcoming Halloween party is from a certain place mentioned during Halloween. It's a ton of work that we don't have time to do/need to do and I don't know how necessary this work will be...we would love to simplify. Here's some unity problems so we actually have 2 parties- one after the other, that'll be interesting!
I'll let you know how it turns out next week! I love being with/hearing from other missionaries- we have follow ups during the week with STLs, District Leader and Zone Leader. Niihama missionaries, in our district are coming to support us with the Halloween party-seriously feeling so much love from them because we were feeling a little overwhelmed and hopeless, especially at DCS (missionary meeting with Branch president) and he told us that members just don't help with activities.

People can change! We determined to help bring some changes here, which is why we're focusing on showing love. Plus there's always hope, that's the thought that came to me yesterday during Sacrament. Welch Kaicho talked a little in ZC about how God gives us the experiences we need and that our mission isn't just about here and
now, it's preparation for the rest of our lives. That helped, just need more patience!

Also, I made tacos this week!!

No tortilla chips to be found, but they have Doritos, so that worked! Also there's hardly any cheese here, so we got a little bag of what I think is mozzarella. That was fun! No matter what, Fujiki Shimai and I are learning to just be positive and it's actually not that hard- always something good to look for, like food!

Really looking forward to TTTM this week- Trainer/Trainee Training Meeting- say it 3 times fast. Anyways, we're going to Okayama. There's so many new missionaries that they split the mission in half to do this training. Normally everyone goes to Kobe- that's what we were planning to do and I was really excited to see my MTC friends because they basically became family there. So there were some tears the night we heard we're going to Okayama, but I'll still see a few people, ) sadly not Fonua Shimai) but we'll all see each other somewhere eventually, and after the initial let-down, pretty excited again.

I love you guys so much! Continuing to pray for you, your examples mean the world to me- faithful no matter what, and really Christmas isn't very far away!

Love, Katya

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